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Getting Started

Here are some steps to follow if you would like to try crowdfunding for your business idea or product.

Plan carefully

Planning is an important part of crowdfunding. Since you are trying to show people why they should support your product, you need to clearly show them:

  • what the product is

  • why they should fund your product

  • the timeframe for developing your product if your funding goals are reached

  • the incentives and rewards you will give them for funding your product.

Set your goals

You need to set goals so your backers will know what to expect. These goals include:

  • how much funding you need

  • the timeframe for your funding

  • how long it will take to develop your business or product.

It is important to manage expectations, so your backers can track your progress.

Post your campaign

To attract backers, you should try to make your campaign stand out! This can be achieved by presenting your business idea in a unique way. If you need inspiration, look at successfully funded campaigns to see what you can learn from them.

Interact with your audience

You can expand the reach and relevance of your campaign by interacting with your audience on channels such as social media. Keeping your backers informed about your progress will also increase the chances of them marketing your product to other people.

Thank your backers

Once you have raised the funds you need, you should thank your backers and give them the incentives and rewards you promised them. It's also a good idea to keep them in the loop throughout the implementation of your business idea, so you can keep them interested in your product.

Cooperative Crowdfund

Making projects happen

Cooperative Crowdfunding
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