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As a cooperative, we believe in transparency throughout our organisation.

Posting a Project

It's free!

You won't be charged a single penny for posting a project with cooperative crowdfund.



All funds raised are kept for the project

The project will receive 100% of all the funds raised even if you don't hit your target. You may also be able to apply for a matching loan from UCIT at this stage also.



No sign-up or monthly fees

There are no setup fees or ongoing admin costs for creating a campaign with cooperative crowdfund.

Donating to a Project



At cooperative crowdfund we believe in keeping any fees to an absolute minimum. We are set up to promote community projects and in doing so we want the maximum of the funds raised to remain in the community. This is unlike other large crowdfunding sites which are privately run and charge 7% upwards on each transaction. 


Donorbox Fee


We have partnered with Donorbox as the has the lowest payment platform online. The current Fee for using them is 1.5%.



Stripe is used as the payment processing system as they are much cheaper than most of the traditional banks. Their fee for processing in the UK is currently 1.4% + 20p


Our Fee


To cover the administration costs of Cooperative crowdfund we currently charge a fee of 3% on each transaction. Any surplus that we accumulate is ploughed back into our cooperative. This means that the overall transaction fee is still well below most of the crowdfunding platforms in the marketplace.









Donorbox Fee - 30p



Stripe Fee - 48p



Our Fee - 60p









Total - £21.38

£20 Donation

Cooperative Crowdfund

Making projects happen

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