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Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Crowdfund Campaign

1. Be the driving force behind your project. The founders need to be the face of the campaign: They need to think of themselves as the engine behind their projects. Being at the centre, they should have a say over every aspect --from promotional buttons to television interviews. Backers are more willing to contribute to a project if they know that the creators are genuine and passionate about it.

2. Give people a reason to help. When you are launching a crowdfunding campaign, you aren't just selling a product. You are also selling yourself, your story and the excitement of being part of a new endeavor. Some people are more interested in helping launching something great than actually receiving a cool product. Remember this, and capitalize on telling a compelling story and offering up reasons to support your venture.

3. Engage your community. Your community is your greatest resource, so it’s important to create a good relationship with them. Be honest and upfront about everything. Show your trust by sharing details about the project -- what it is you are doing and why. Engage them with frequent updates and responding to comments and messages.

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